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TEMRES® Technology renders gloves breathable and waterproof, a combination of opposing but important features offered in a single glove. Revolutionary at the time of its launch, its uniqueness and many benefits have since become recognised in the market. Exploiting the significant size difference between the lower molecular energy of liquid water and the higher energy of water vapour, two main membranes are created in the glove that enable the TEMRES® effect: one for breathability, and one for water resistance.

Arcylic: A polymer that is resistant to water, common solvents, acids and weak alkalis, and that is resistant to abrasion and to traction. Soft and warm, it insulates you from the cold. Mixed with cotton, it makes the knit more lightweight. Aramid: It is lightweight, supple, comfortable and washable. It provides effective protection from cuts (above level 5, with stainless steel reinforcing) and from convective heat and offers durability and performance that far exceed that of leather (5 times higher) and cotton (3 times higher).

The EN 388 standard underwent revision in 2016. SHOWA gloves are in the process of being recertified by the notified bodies to conform to the revised standard. Currently reported ISO 13997 cut resistance values are indications until officially certified. In the meantime the existing certificates according to EN 388: 2003 remain valid. ABRASION RESISTANCE (0-4) : Number of cycles required to abrade a hole using abrasive paper in a circular sample of glove material under constant pressure and motion. Number of cycles required to cut a sample using a stainless steel circular blade under constant speed and low force of 5 newtons (approx. 510g). For materials that dull the blade, after a certain number of cycles without cut through, the ISO 13997 test is performed and becomes the reference cut resistance value.

Breathex Foam: This dual-latex coating technology allows gloves to be both breathable and liquid resistant, providing premium grip and dexterity with breathability in dry or wet environments, no matter the outdoor conditions. How It Works: Aerated latex foam covers 13 gauge liner to allow warm air to escape, so your hands can breathe and perspiration is reduced. Full foam latex coating is impermeable, preventing liquid from penetrating the glove and therefore keeping your hands dry. Extra latex coating on palm and fingers provides excellent grip and dexterity.

Excellent Grip Performance: Our machinery gloves with special coating materials provide the maximum grip in light oil conditions to increase work efficiency and product protection. Elevate Productivity: Unmatched comfort from ergonomic design alleviates stress and allows automotive workers to perform tasks to their full potential. Cost Effectiveness: Gloves are made with highly durable materials that withstand heavy usage and result in cost performance. Ultimate Full Body Protection: Specialised materials used in protective clothing and gloves to safeguard automotive workers from chemical spray and splashes. Standards & Quality: Our protective wear is in compliance with CE standards. Discover more details on