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Wood grain paper provider in China? Professional team of technical experts can customize complete and reasonable design solution services according to your requirements. Professional technical personnel to provide you free of charge engineering staff technical training and product technical training guidance services. Professional after-sales maintenance team to provide technical training and technical consulting services; The professional after-sales team will visit regularly and respond quickly. See extra info on decorative paper manufacturers.

What is the Outlook for the U.S. Decor Paper Industry? The U.S. has a highly rewarding real estate market that has seen a substantial increase in investments over recent years. The nation has seen a notable increase in residential construction activity, which has subsequently driven demand for home decor and made the U.S. a market to watch out for. Demand for furniture decor paper in commercial establishments is also anticipated to be high in the U.S. as commercial spaces prefer more designer furniture.

Acquisitions and mergers are key strategies adopted by numerous players in order to consolidate their shares and positions in the decor paper market. New entrants based in specialty paper are seeking profitable avenues by expanding their product lines. In emerging markets, such as in China, pulp trading companies have increased their stakes. Rapidly expanding furniture and cabinets market can be attributed also to growing pace of urbanization and the demand for wooden flooring.

Our print base papers are available in a wide range of whites and other solid colors in accordance with customer specifications. Controlled dimensional stability, high printing quality and good runability are the key features of these high-tech papers. Our products have a high adaptability to our customers’ processes. Thanks to our technological know-how throughout the entire value chain, we are in a position to offer individual, made-to-measure, customer service and solutions.

Which Regional Markets Should Decor Paper Manufacturers Focus On? Decor paper market metrics for regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia & Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa (MEA) have been provided in detail in this updated FMI study. Decor paper consumption in North America is expected to have a significant contribution to global market revenue. At present, the decor paper industry in North America holds a market share of 25.1% of the global industry landscape. Increasing demand for luxury furniture is expected to majorly influence market potential in the region. See extra info on wood grain paper.