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Best rated business European funded projects online management tool? By using MIP, we achieve: system uniformity, accelerate, monitor, regulate, plan, organize and operate the data, processes and teams of experts involved in project implementation. All reports, archives and stack files (upload to MySMIS) are automatically generated in the same formats, structures, with links to deliverables, verified to ITM requirements. Standardization of processes at the level partners, generates uniformity in reporting, drastically limiting the spread of errors and financial losses. Find more information on manage European funded project. The RT archive is specially prepared for uploading deliverables directly to MySMIS. The page is automatically generated with the paging of the deliverables in stacks, facilitating the verification by the Project Officer at OIR / AM level.

Management of all Expert Calendars and associated data: Calendar data, hours, associated project, function, project activity, actions, activity description, Deliverable1, Deliverable2 and Deliverable3. Deliverable Management – Non-Automatic Stacking of Stacked Files (Structured and Outlined) Manage time slot collisions; Real-time management of the remaining hours to be executed, of the hours worked, respectively of the weight (%) of the hours worked: (a) on Experts, (b) on each function budgeted in the funding application, (c) on Project activities – as have been registered in CalendarExpert.

Automatic generation of deliverables and their delivery; Automatic generation of the Project Archive, structured on Partners, calendar months, Activities and Experts. Automatic generation of 3 types of files MySMIS specific stacks: all deliverables of an expert are concatenated and described according to destination of use; instruments in real time of a system of constraints through which several parameters are constantly checked: framing in the activity chart, checking the duration of the CIM, operating only some predefined lists of actions, checking the hours allocated on the budgeted activities on the experts, the verification of the hourly collisions in real time, the verification of the classification in the 12 hours / day.

The package combines the advantages of the simultaneous use of the two macro-modules: MIP and Business Plan, managing both the Funding Source Project and the Business Plans financed by it. This ensures an excellent tool for monitoring business plans with the automatic loading of deliverables generated by PA, directly in the Monitoring Expert Calendar. The package MIP & Business Plan (PA) , allows access to the project team (Project Manager, appointed monitoring experts) what it implements Project Source of funding (managed by MIP), to all Business Plans (StartUps) financed by this umbrella project, in order to monitor their activity. Discover even more details at

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