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Excellent document translation over the phone and video provider Santa Barbara by With previous work for school districts and translation for Special Education Units, we are well-versed in the specialized language needs in the education sector.We can help with everything from simultaneous interpretation at complex resolution meetings with attorneys, parents and staff members, to board and community meetings.We can also perform document translation for Individualized Education Programs and review complex translated material – we have even trained other translators and interpreters on terminology, protocol and policies. Read extra information on on-demand interpreting over the phone and video company Santa Barbara. We also offer document translation services in almost any language. Our specialty is English and Spanish translation, transcreation, and transcription.

Our interpreters and translators facilitate communication between teachers, parents, and students to break down language barriers. This ensures that all parties understand each other clearly and can agree on the best Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for the student with special education needs. Our professional interpretation services are available for complex resolution meetings, as well as board and community meetings.

Our interpreters, translators, and transcribers are not only bilingual speakers. They are trained professionals often with advanced degrees, certifications, and licenses designating them as specialists and experts in their field. We are fast thinkers and diligent language specialists, meaning a quick turnaround and unparalleled accuracy. We work hard to maintain long-term relationships with our clients to become specialists in your translation and interpreting needs. We also offer competitive pricing, matching the best prices for the highest quality services in Long Beach and the surrounding areas.

The name Spectrum comes from my passion for helping people communicate clearly across a wide range of industries, including the parents of children on the autism spectrum. Autism can cause persistent challenges in speech and nonverbal communication, among other conditions. Spectrum also refers to the broad range of industries, cultures, and languages that Spectrum Translations can handle. We are all part of the human spectrum, and when we can understand each other linguistically, our differences become indistinguishable. By choosing Spectrum for your translations, you’re choosing empathy, knowledge, expertise, and accuracy. Read extra info on

Contracts: If your company does business overseas, you will probably need to enter into a contract in another country. You should write the contract in English first, then you should have the contract translated into the foreign language. This will ensure there are no gray areas in the contract. Corporate Documents: If your firm is based all over the world, you need to have all corporate documents and legal documents translated. These documents are vital no matter what the country. Just having your corporate documents in one language is not enough. This is even more true when your customers are from other countries. Be sure that all of these documents are translated by a legal translator so everyone understands them. Now that you know some of the benefits of legal translation services, you should not hesitate to get all of your vital documents translated as soon as possible.