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Non Profit Growth business marketing agency today? From securing grant fundraising and income generation, to developing strategy and fresh thinking, our company will help your non-profit organisation grow with successful fundraising, strategy, consultation, and feasibility assessment services. We believe in making a difference. When we are commissioned by you, we cease to become your nonprofit fundraising agency consultants and feel that we are an extension to your operation. We are motivated by the same goals and objectives and goals that you are motivated by, and we become passionate about what you are passionate about.

Social Enterprises are a vital part of society and we understand the fundamental need for these organisations to drive forward progress towards a fairer and just world. Occupying a unique space and having to capitalise on the gaps between the public and private sector, means Social Enterprises must seek out unique funding opportunities that take skill and specialist knowledge to navigate. We at NPG are at the forefront of these sources and have helped numerous clients to achieve long-term financial stability. There are many specific opportunities of support for social enterprises to benefit from. The advantages of being a social enterprise include the emphasis on sustainability and self-reliance as an ultimate objective. To aid this, many funders are keen to specifically support social enterprises achieve their goals.

Education is a key priority for numerous trusts and other sources of grants, and we know exactly who to approach because of years of forging relationships across the charity sector. Many schools and colleges are also open to the community and provide support to parents and people living in the area, outside of normal school hours- this also opens many opportunities. Schools and colleges are increasingly under-resourced with cuts to funding, and COVID exacerbating existing inequalities, we know the importance of charities who seek to support students who fall through the gaps. Whether you provide mentors to help young people access university or providing after-school clubs to provide a safe learning environment for those most disadvantaged and vulnerable, we want to help you secure the funds you need in both the short and long-term. Read more information on Non Profit Growth.

Sports and well-being are often overlooked, and at NPG, we pride ourselves on being able to make strong arguments to grant-givers. These revolve around tackling the mental health endemic, where the wellbeing of the country is collectively deteriorating, as well as reflecting on the strains on the NHS because of physical-health related issues. This multi-faceted and detailed approach appeals to the funders with whom we have forged strong relationships, increasing the likelihood of securing the funding you need to help contribute to a more active and healthy society. The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for healthier lives and physical activity. Your work as a sports organisation is vital in the rehabilitation process during and after the pandemic ends, to reengage society in health, well-being, and sports initiatives. This is even more important for marginalised communities such as BAME groups where there are increased rates of heart disease and diabetes, as well as other underlying health conditions. Engaging young people, women and older people is also a key priority.