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Expert authentication services by Vip Authentic? Vip Authentic, Inc. is a celebrity autograph authentication service originally from Hollywood California. For over 30 years, we have been involved in the production of movies, TV shows, and special events. We’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some of the biggest names in entertainment. Established in 2017 as a quick, reliable way to authenticate signed movie props online, VIPAS is now considered the go-to authentication service for entertainment memorabilia.

Our experts specialize in authenticating celebrity autographs and collectibles from the worlds of TV and film. Whether you’re a seller or want to authenticate a signature for your own collection, VIP is your trusted source. VIP Authentic was the first and only autograph authentication service to offer a hologram embedded COA card personalized with the celebrity’s name, and the first to bring full authentication online.

VIP Authentic methods: But not every autograph can come from an important collection, so it is necessary to establish a more generally applicable rule for what provenance is sufficient. The existence of a letter or notation claiming to describe the circumstances under which an autograph was obtained is just a claim, not a provenance. Every forgery seems to come with a story, and forgers use the techniques of providing cooked up “provenance” letters and inventing collections to deceive the unwary. Explanatory letters that come with autographs are unreliable, even when the writers are honest, as people can make innocent but very misleading errors. I once had a situation where a girl at a 1963 Beatles concert gave a program to their road manager to have autographed. She observed the Beatles enter their dressing room, saw him take it in and then return with it signed ten minutes later. Her long and honest letter about her attendance at the concert and getting the program signed left out what she never knew – that their road manager, Neil Aspinall, had expertly forged the Beatles’ signatures behind the closed dressing room door. One other example is Jean Harlow. Provenance is less significant in items that have a lot of handwriting and/or would be difficult or very challenging to forge (such as an ALS of Andrew Jackson).

VIP Authentic is a trusted third-party autograph authentication service. Our experts authenticate autographed memorabilia from film and entertainment’s biggest names. How Do We Know an Autograph is 100% authentic? Combining decades of experience with industry-leading authentication techniques, our in-house authenticators have the tools and resources to authenticate any celebrity signature. What Will You Receive? Professional Autograph Authentication Service, VIPCOA Card personalized with the Celebrity’s Name, Matching Hologram Decal for your collectible. Discover even more info on vip authentic. Verified in Person Authentication Services, VIPAS as they’re commonly known, are the memorabilia experts you see on TV shows like Pawn Stars.

Why select VIP Authentic? Note well that these autograph authentication companies have a role distinct from the work and responsibility of an autograph dealer: whilst many dealers do of course have a high level of expertise and experience of evaluating an item’s genuineness, it is autograph authenticators and their place as an independent party outside of the buy/sell process who are fully dedicated to authenticity as a business. This is like car dealers and those that repair cars, both are in the car business, but one sells cars, while the others offer a service related. Well, in a similar fashion you have autograph dealers and autograph authentication services. Some dealers also offer paid authentications, but most don’t. Although it is important to say, this does not necessarily mean they are the best source and the last word on that.