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Buy and sell calls services right now? With pay-per-call, advertisers pay for each qualified inbound phone call they receive from a third-party. These call sources can be publishers, affiliates, networks, and other lead-generators. A call is considered qualified if it meets the advertiser’s requirements and fulfills a predetermined duration requirement. You manage your own pay-per-call campaign by setting a variety of campaign parameters. Campaign parameters include: Business hours – Establish the hours you are available to receive calls. Your pay-per-call partner will only send you calls during these hours. Business categories – Define the specific services you offer (e.g. HVAC repair, bed bug fumigation, debt consolidation). A good pay-per-call partner will use ad targeting techniques and Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) to drive calls that match your specific business category.

From a single entrepreneur who attempts to make a living from being an event photographer, to the largest companies that have already gained a thought leader’s reputation, any phone marketing based business can take advantage of this advertising model and benefit from it. Well established businesses that have already gained a large clientele through ads in printed media, PPC (this abbreviation refers to “Pay Per Click”, exclusively) and other advertising platforms – can use Pay Per Call as an additional source of income. What about new businesses that still haven’t raised much brand awareness and have a tight advertising budget? For them, it can spare the expensive and risky trial and error phase, provide great ROI and help to establish the business.

We made the most powerful tool to enable, monitor, optimize & automate performance based marketing for everyone. Our platform designed to help everyone reach maximum ROI and benefit from each interaction. Addsource was founded in 2012 with one goal in mind, offering the most effective and transparent way of advertising to SMB’s and multi location business. We recognize the difficulties of today marketing and most of all the changes of SMB’s to generate results from their advertising efforts. There for we designed a new marketing approach that will only provide results instead of traditional marketing in the local arena. See extra details on call & form tracking.

The value of an online directory lies in the exchange of information between listing owners and visitors. Directory owners have a place to show their listings to many users while visitors can access your site Generally speaking, the monetization method from any services you provide is to charge for the value your services can create for users. In other words, users have to pay to get the benefits from your services. So how does this relate to an Online Directory? As discussed, the main value of an online directory platform derives from the exchange of information between listing owners and visitors. Taking advantage of this type of exchange, you could generate profit by owning the communication flow between two sides.

What Exactly Is Pay Per Call Advertising? Pay per call advertising is when someone searches on their phone for a product and sees a business advertisement relevant to that product. It encourages potential customers to make a phone call instead of visiting a website. By making a phone call, the customer is actually able to talk to the business rather than interacting online. This kind of advertising does not mean that the advertisers or the business the potential customer. It’s actually quite the opposite. The person searching and seeing the business phone number is encouraged to make a phone call to the business. When the person does make a phone call they are often directed to an advertiser, who gauges how serious the person is in buying the product. If they are serious, they are redirected to the business. Read additional information at